Well then it’s a good thing I just booked and shot a commerical for Vetericyn! Yes, I shot a commercial…for a really fantastic company and we had a great time shooting it. It involved driving 3 hours south to Esconditio in the pouring and I mean POURING rain, but we had such a great time on set that it didn’t matter. And in case you’re wondering Vetericyn is this fabulous product that can be used on ALL animals (not just your cow) for pretty much anything. It was great to have the opportunity to appear in an ad for a product I really believe in. The commerical should be viral in 6 weeks, so I’ll be sure to send you a link when that happens!

In other news, I signed across the board with Malibu Artists Agency in mid-September.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and is enjoying the holiday season!

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