Happy 2012!!!! You will all be very happy to know that your breasts will be warm and modestly covered for another year. Cami Secret was just renewed through the end of 2012!

Who doesn’t like a little Shakespeare and a little Tarantino to start off the year? I’m currently appearing in Pulp Shakespeare at Theater Asylum through March 3. Pulp Shakespeare is Pulp Fiction set in Elizabethian England in iambic pentameter. The production won Best Play in the 2011 Hollywood Fringe, played two sold out runs and is now in it’s 3rd run. I’m sharing the role of Meadsweet/Jody with another actress, so let me know if you’d like to come and I’ll give you the performance dates. For more info, please visit: www.pulpshakespeare.com

So, in summation, cover your boobs and come see some faux Shakespeare! Here’s hoping for a successful and joyful 2012 for all of us. Screw the Mayans! It’s gonna be a great year!

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