Have I really not posted an update since the end of January? Shame on me!

In March I moved into the West Hollywood area. It’s the first time I’ve lived in a house in 12 years!!! I get woken up by the birds now instead of my arguing neighbors! Problem is the birds seem to be in heat and chirp all night long. I’m told this happens in spring.

A few years back I hosted an instructional video titled “How to Apply to the College of Your Choice” and I’m happy to report that it’s now currently airing nationwide on PBS.

I took a trip to NYC in April to participate in a reading of a feature by the same writers/creators of the award-winning WTFU. The WTFU cast reunited for the reading and it was great to see everyone again!

Pulp Shakespeare was extended three times before it completed it’s run on March 31. It will be playing the New York Fringe Festival in August. Congrats to the cast and crew and a great LA run!

In February I served as a judge for the Irene Ryan Acting Competition at the Kennedy Center’s American College Theater Festival. (Try saying that 10 times fast!) I also got to see three productions and teach two workshops while I was there. It was such a rewarding experience for a theater geek such as myself.

Until next time, take a cue from my bird friends and take advantage of all that spring has to offer. 😉

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